7 Ways in Davenport - Bettendorf to Take Care of YOU | Summer Edition

Taking care of yourself shouldn't be considered a luxury. It helps make you a better parent!

By Sierra Ann, Editor and Publisher of Macaroni Kid Davenport - Bettendorf, IA June 7, 2021

As parents or caregivers, sometimes it seems we spend all of our time taking care of our family's needs, especially now in Davenport - Bettendorf during post-COVID when everyone is starting to leave their homes again. I don't know about you, but I've found all that "need" eventually makes me burn out if I don't make the effort to take care of myself too.

It's certainly a lot harder to fill your family's emotional needs if your own emotional tank is empty. 

So here are 7 ideas on how you can find that important time for yourself in Davenport - Bettendorf and other great local spots:
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Retail Therapy

Nothing feels better for the soul than spending a little bit of money on yourself! These boutiques are located near such scenic views, you could even just do a little window shopping.

Date Night

I have friends whose kids can't wait for nights they get popcorn for dinner and can watch a movie on a laptop in bed. It's the height of childhood luxury! They don't know it's their parents' way of sneaking in a date night. Here are our favorite locally-owned date night places to order food from or if you're lucky enough to get a date night outside of the house, The Tangled Wood  has live music to enjoy while you dine:

Get Connected

Join a Davenport - Bettendorf parenting group on Facebook or find a local club or organization that matches your interests. 

Spa Day

Relax, lie back, and feel your everyday concerns wash away with a spa day. There are so many great spas to choose from in Davenport - Bettendorf. Whichever one you choose, your newly energized self will thank you. Here are three Davenport - Bettendorf spas you can experience without feeling guilty about spending time away from your kids:

Something New

It's easy to get bogged down with all of life's "busyness." Take a little time away and explore an activity or hobby you've always wanted to try. From individual hobbies like painting or macrame to group activities like yoga or impromptu photoshoots, there's something for everyone. Some great places in Davenport - Bettendorf to explore: 

Sunlight Yoga Center

Online Crafting Classes

"Me" Time 

Spending time alone is good for the soul. Let your partner know you need some alone time and head off to relax -- read a book, take a bath or even just take a walk around the neighborhood. Don't feel like you always have to be doing something "productive". 

Check the Macaroni Kid Davenport - Bettendorf page for the latest ideas on family fun around in eastern Iowa!

Taking care of yourself is so important, and not something to be overlooked -- it will make you a better parent at the end of the day!

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